Stylish Hipster Guide to Toronto, Canada

If you want to be a basic tourist, feel free to go up the CN Tower, take a sightseeing bus, and visit some museums. Those can be fun. Sort of. But if you’re like us you’ll want to explore some more fashionable addresses. Toronto, which is often called the most multicultural city in the world, is home to over 30 types of cuisine. We narrowed it down to 5 must-eat restaurants. If you’re a coffee addict, or just like to sip matcha lattes, you’ll also need to check out Toronto’s cafes. There’s even a place to sip coffee while getting your hair done (no joke). Lastly, since we are after all a fashion association, we’ll list of few addresses where you’re sure to find the latest trends or perhaps set some of your own. Happy touristing!

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School – Never thought you’d say the words « I love school »? Well that’s what you’ll be telling all your friends after you eat at this industrial space turned restaurant. With the growing trend of people-who-instagram-their-brunches, competition for best brunch in town is tough. This restaurant makes it easy. Our favorite is the buttermilk pancakes with blueberry sauce and Canadian maple syrup. They also serve poutine which is a must-try if it’s your first time in Canada. Aside from the food, the staff always have a warm smile on their face (and maybe a beard and man bun).


Momofuku– The Momofuku franchise began in NYC, and we’re so glad it came to Toronto. This fusion restaurant is good for any occasion. If you’re with your family eat at Noodle Bar (first floor), if you’re on a date eat at the fancier Daisho upstairs, and if you just want a sweet treat grab some « crack pie » at Milk Bar. This three story restaurant happens to be next to the Shangri-La, so if you’re lucky enough to stay there then getting good food doesn’t even require leaving the building (good if its Canadian winter).

Pho Hung– This Vietnamese restaurant has been dishing out warm goodness since the 1980s. Its location on Spadina Avenue (Chinatown) is ideal for college students and tourists alike. While it’s not as stylish as Momofuku, the food never disappoints. It’s consistently named best pho in Toronto by blogs and magazines. It is also affordable ($8 for pho) which makes it ideal for anyone travelling on a budget.

Lalibela– If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food, Lalibela is the place to start. The dimly lit restaurant plays Ethiopian music in the background and- oh did you know The Weeknd is from Toronto? Anyways, Lalibela is an authentic Ethiopian restaurant which serves the essentials like injera, kitfo, and atkilt wot. We recommend going with a bunch of friends-make it close friends- since you’ll be eating huge portions with your hands. Better not wear your Celine here. When you’re done, try the Ethiopian coffee. It’s much stronger than coffee in Paris but the popcorn they serve it with balances out the bitterness.

El Catrin– This Mexican restaurant is located in the Distillery District which is beautiful both in summer and winter. When the weather’s nice, order their fish tacos and sip margaritas on the patio. In the winter, well still order the fish tacos (they’re amazing) and warm up in the huge indoor bar/restaurant. This is a great place to eat seafood since it’s near the water. Ask the waiter what the catch of the day is, that way you’ll get the freshest Canadian-bred seafood.


Her Majesty’s Pleasure– This is the most unique cafe, no spa, no boutique, no… ugh. This place is hard to describe. At Her Majesty’s Pleasure you’re able to drink a coffee, get a manicure, get your hair done, and buy beauty products. All in one place. The space is also very sophisticated and well thought out. You could imagine a team of fashionable instagrammers going over every detail before opening this concept space back in 2014. Unless you can claim to have a place as unique as Her Majesty’s Pleasure in your hometown, add this to your list of spots to see.


Dark Horse Espresso Bar– If you’re not into the pristine, glamorous vibes at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, go to one of Dark Horse’s three locations around Toronto. They serve great coffee and the baristas are always happy to make you the perfect drink, whether its an espresso or soy latte. The Spadina location is quite big, so it’s home to both people working on their Macs and people who are catching up over coffee. This makes it an ideal place to, well, do anything.


Queen Street– Window shopping is the best way to go in Toronto. Queen Street is home to dozens of boutiques and thrift stores, from Ossington all the way to Yonge. Oak & Fort has clean cuts and new trends, while Black Market Vintage clothing is a gold mine of used goods. For men’s clothing, check out Frank & Oak, which also happens to serve coffee and have a barber shop (it’s essentially the male version of Her Majesty’s Pleasure).


Holt Renfrew– One thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that Toronto winter is COLD. So if you find yourself wanting to shop in -20 weather its best to go shop indoors at Holt Renfrew. This is the Toronto equivalent of Le Bon Marche or Bloomingdales. Not the cheapest, but its a big building with both designer brands and sale racks where you can find discount Rag & Bone jeans for $40. You’ll also find makeup on the first floor with friendly make-up artists who will sell you great products. Or you can just take samples. There are two kinds of people 😉

The places mentioned in this post are by no means a full depiction of Toronto. If you’re curious for more information leave a comment below!


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